Family driven to wits end over noisy gutter

DESPITE the summer weather, a family have been forced to keep their doors and windows shut at night after the click clack of a broken gully has driven them to their wits end.

Nicola Trumper and her family live in Staverton and for the last few weeks have been kept up at night as lorries and cars drive over a noisy gully that has become loose.

Despite numerous calls and two complaints lodged at the council, the problems has not yet been fixed.

On July 19 the repair work was called off by contractors who blamed the rain for downing their tools.

Wiltshire Council say the work will be carried out in the near future but have not yet set a date.

Mrs Trumper said: “I can’t emphasise enough the distress this has caused our family and not being able to sleep at night.

“I submitted two complaints, one of which was lost straight away so I had to do another. The way I have been treated is appalling.

“The noise is so loud and the road is in constant use of lorries. At night when everything else is quiet the noise cannot be ignored.”

“I have been trying to get a dangerous and noisy road gully out side our property repaired for over 3 months. The noise is keeping my family awake at night and we can not have the windows open. It is a danger to cyclists and potentially vehicles.”

Staverton Cllr Trevor Carbin: “The next scheduled work near there is for next September so I hope they will do it before then. I have pushed and compelled the council to do something and explained how distressing it is for the resident.

“There is a problem at the complaints department that complaints do seem to go missing that is a general problem.

“I have been there myself and it is not very pleasant.

“They gave the excuse of the rain for the reason why it wasn’t done last Friday.”

Bridget Wayman, cabinet member for highways said: “We are aware of this loose gully cover in Staverton and while it is not a hazard, we arranged a repair which unfortunately had to be postponed due to weather conditions.

“We are programming this work in for the near future.”

This is Wiltshire


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