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The list of new slot machine games debuting at online casinos grows each week. With so many new developers going live, too, the range of games which is available to players has never been bigger. On top of that, more and more casinos are starting to carry games from a wealth of different providers, further boosting the number of options open to players.

With a surplus of new games launching every week, players can afford to be selective about which games are played. One of the best ways to avoid so-so slot machines and play just the finest games is to try them for free.

New Games Debut Every Week

At any one time, there are around 10-20 new major slot releases launched each week. Not all of these are going to be classics. In fact, many of them will be so-so releases, as mentioned above, containing bog standard features, wagering ranges and prizes. Some will come from major providers, and others will launch from fledgeling developers. It really is a mixed bag.

A handful of new slots will be exceptional, though. The trick is to identify which games are worth playing and which aren’t. By playing slot games for free (as demos) players will be able to gauge that for themselves.

Playing Slot Games for Free

The first reason why players might opt to try free slots is that doing so will reveal a lot about a game’s theme. If a theme appeals to players, those casino members are likely to have more fun. On top of that, having a crack at free slot games also enables users to experience the array of features included in a game, as well as look at what it will roughly cost to play the game for real money. All of this comes without a single cost or risk.

Strategies and Experience

Other reasons to play free casino games include trying out betting strategies. Some slots perform better with higher stakes and others with minimum bets. Some are high volatility games, and others, low-risk affairs. Each player will likely use that same betting strategy most of the time when playing online. Playing free slot games allows those players to see if a new slot suits that wagering strategy. On top of that, doing so will also provide players with first-hand experience of which special features are the best options to go for, especially in slots which provide choices like this during bonus rounds.

Using Tunf to Find Hot New Slot Games

The UK Gambling Commission has stated that online casinos must now stop offering free games to those who aren’t registered members of a casino. This cuts out once source of playing free games. At the same time, not all software providers offer free demos. Given that, players will need to visit a well-respected casino review site, such as Tunf, to play free slot demos. With the library of free games being updated each day, such a resource could be invaluable for slot players who want to try games for free before wagering money on them.

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