Elderly go back to school to help youngsters

PUPILS at Fitzmaurice Primary School and residents of Wiltshire Heights care home, both in Bradford on Avon, are helping to bridge the generation gap.

They are taking part in an exciting new project which sees the old folks going back to school.

Every Tuesday for six weeks a group of Wiltshire Heights residents have joined the reception children at Fitzmaurice School as an addition to their school day.

The residents and children get the opportunity to bond over books, music and friendship and the project has been hailed as a great success by both parties.

Jo Hill, deputy head teacher from Fitzmaurice Primary School, has seen how the children really look forward to Tuesday mornings when they spend time with the residents.

One child said: “It makes me feel happy because I like seeing them,” while another said “It’s exciting. I like seeing the old people and doing pictures for them.”

Libby Miles, of Wiltshire Heights, said: “Our intergenerational links are so important to our residents.

“A lot of our residents do not live near their families or their families are now grown up, so being able to connect with children is great.”The children have no preconceptions when it comes to our residents so there is no assumption that they can or can’t do something.”

“Our residents can also impart a wealth of knowledge to the children and the teachers, pulling on their life experiences so this project is truly of benefit to all.

“We are really looking forward to some more projects with the school moving forward.”

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