Easter event brings crowds of hundreds

HOMEMADE Easter bonnets of all shapes, sizes and creations were paraded in Westbury Gardens at the annual Lions Club’s Easter bonnet competition and egg hunt

Children of all ages competed in the Easter bonnet competition, which was judged by Bradford on Avon Mayoress Alex Kay.

She said: “We had a quiet start at the Victory Fields but then we had loads of families come to join in, which was great.

“It was so difficult to judge, all their bonnets were very good and they were all different ages.

“The winners received cash prizes which they said they will put towards their holiday spending money, but no one went home empty-handed as they all got chocolate eggs for taking part so they were all happy.

“It really was great day and we had such lovely sunny weather.

“The gardens were clear again by about 3pm but it was hot weather and a long day, and the children were fuelled up and hyper on chocolate for the whole day.”

The Easter egg hunt saw families charging through the field trying to find tokens to exchange for chocolate eggs.

Keith Yates from Bradford on Avon Lions club said: “We had great weather for the Easter events and a great turnout.

“There were toddlers and children right through to 10 years old taking part.

“I think this is still a great thing to do in the town and children and families do have great fun.

“It is nice to have this on during the school holidays for something for the children to do, it is always a great atmosphere.

“No one went home empty handed as everyone who entered the bonnet competition got a chocolate egg so they were all happy.”

The Lions Club have been putting this event on in the town for a number of years.

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