Earth Day 2020: more poignant than ever

Today, 22nd April, is Earth Day and yet we mostly find ourselves indoors, under lockdown.

That said, the birds sing louder than ever through the cleaner air and Spring seems to be stretching its arms out and giving a large exhalation of life through the environment around us.

So what better time to celebrate and reflect, and as Sir David Attenborough says:

“Cherish the natural world, because you’re a part of it and you depend on it.”

Bradford on Avon Town Council declared a Climate Emergency in March 2019. A year on, we are inevitably focused on the current COVID-19 crisis and are doing everything we can to support the community through the pandemic. That said, we hope you will join us in celebrating the Earth today, perhaps reflecting on ways to make changes for the future and really appreciating the planet as you take your daily exercise!

Cllr Dom Newton, Leader of the Council said this morning:

“Earth Day is about protecting our planet and improving our environment by coming together, highlighting areas where we need to work together, and finding innovative solutions to the threats facing our natural environment, and long-term future as a human species.

We are currently in the midst of two global crises – and while we are working very hard, and the community response has been wonderful in helping to combat the very real effects of Covid-19, we also cannot afford to lose sight of the threat posed by the Climate Emergency.

On this Earth Day, it’s important for us to consider the lessons learnt from the current health crisis; with huge reductions in emissions caused by travel, considering making some permanent changes to our behaviour; and also remembering that we are one human community – whether that’s within Bradford, the surrounding villages, nationally or globally.  We are global citizens and must all do our part.”

Cllr Alex Kay, Chair of the Environment & Planning Committee adds:

“One of the silver-linings of the current lock-down situation, is surely the tremendous solace we can find in the natural world around us. Whilst we are bereft of many sources of entertainment and pleasure, our walks across the fields and through our woodlands help restore energy and calm.

We are developing a heightened appreciation for our Earth, and this appreciation needs to be retained for the long-term. We  get all our resources from it, and these resources need to be shared and nurtured for not just our own species but all the glorious diversity of life around us.”

If you’d like to find out more about Earth Day visit the Earth Day website where you will find lots of resources. Why not challenge yourself to take one or all of the Earth Day Quizzes? Or if you have children schooling at home, there are lots of lessons available HERE

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