Duck race goes down swimmingly

HUNDREDS of yellow plastic ducks flooded down the river in Bradford on Avon in the town’s annual Easter duck race.

Crowds gathered in their hundreds to watch the race and many families also took part in the Lions Club’s Easter egg hunt and bonnet competition in the warm bank holiday sunshine.

Prizes were given out to the winning duck owners and the rowing club collected the ducks at the end of the race.

A spokesman from Bradford Town Council said: “What a fantastic duck race we had.

“Everything went swimmingly, the river level, the weather, the crowds, duck sales, entertainment and impressive organisation and volunteering from so many.

“A special thanks to the BoA Rowing Club kayakers who made sure all 1000 ducks were retrieved from the river, ready to re-use next year.

“Thanks to everyone who came, our sponsors Puddle Ducks Bristol and Bath and all of the generous prize donators.”

Mayoress of Bradford on Avon councillor Alex Kay said: “We sold out of ducks about 15 minutes before the race started.

“Westbury Gardens and over the bridge was just packed with people, everyone in the town came out for the duck race.

“There were some amazing prizes being given out and we had very generous sponsorship from Puddle Ducks which meant we could raise a good amount which is going towards our Christmas lights funds.

“Not all of the prizes have been claimed yet as not everyone was there, but it was such a great atmosphere.”

Last year the duck race had to be cancelled due to high winds a storms, a far cry from the glorious sunny weather of last weekend.

Keith Yates from Bradford on Avon Lions Club said: “Last year the water in the river was moving too quickly that it would have been dangerous for the canoers who collect the ducks at the end of the race, so it was cancelled.

“When I saw the river just before the race this year I thought the ducks are never going to move anywhere as it was so still without any breeze at all.

“But everything went well and it was a great event once again.”

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