Dog walkers’ fight for path

PEDESTRIANS are still unable to use Cemetery Lane in Bradford on Avon one year after it first closed, as building work on a new houses development continues.

Dog walkers and other locals have expressed their frustration at developers Bellway Homes after they say the path has been shut far longer than originally allowed under their planning permission.

Litter has also become an issue on and around the Cemetery Lane pedestrian path, much of which is thought to have been left by builders.

Georgina Newtown of Woolley Street said: “My understanding is Cemetery Lane is a public right of way and the planning for this development did not include ongoing closure for the length of time this has now been obstructed.

“Secondly there is a considerable amount of litter that is currently strewn across Cemetery Lane and in the hedgerows along this lane.

“This litter clearly belongs to the builders or developers, as the lane has been closed to pedestrians, and much of the litter is clearly building materials such as polystyrene, metal, plastic fencing and hammers.

“There is also litter from what looks to be from packed lunches, sandwich wrappers, coffee cups, crisp packets and drinks cans.

“I think it is despicable the developers have allowed this to happen and would like them to enforce a clean-up urgently.

“Not only is this an environmental and wildlife risk it is an eyesore and if not tackled I have no doubt the developers will leave as is, in the fashion of the Kingston site.”

Kurt Paulus, secretary of the Friends of Woolley group said: “There has been a real lack of clarity here, and no one explaining abut shutting the lane.

“Dog walkers use this route a lot, and we feel like this is just adding insult to injury as we didn’t want this development in the first place.

“However it got planning permission so we have accepted that, but to then have the lane closed for this long and litter everywhere is not right. We want this to be sorted.”

The Wiltshire Times approached Bellway Homes for a comment but they failed to respond before the print deadline.

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