Do you remember a local orphanage?


I’m try to find out information about an orphanage which I lived at in the early 1950s in Bradford on Avon. If I remember rightly, it was on the Holt road near its junction with Woolley Street. I know I used to walk to it downhill from Christchurch School. Can any of your readers help?

If anyone can, please email me: ku.oc1590770134.eman1590770134tenee1590770134rf@wi1590770134np1590770134

Thank you.

(Contributed by: Paul Weston)


    • Could this be Conigre House?

    • Yes – my Mum and Dad ran this orphanage at Conigre House till the late 1950s when they migrated to Australia.
      I was not born at this time
      Their names were John and Gwen McDonough (Uncle Mac and Aunty Gwen to the kids)
      I have lots of photos of the children who lived there – i would love to share these if you can help me
      Given the issue of privacy issues these days – some people may not want it publicly known that they were at Conignre house.
      Jan Watt

    • Hi Paul,

      I was there from around 1948 to 1953. I had a twin brother Tony & older brother Reg also at Conigre House but we were known by the surname Andrews then.


    • Hello Colin
      Jan here (Gwen and John’s daughter)
      I have a collection of photos from congire house days with only some small notes 0 but there is one with the Andrews brothers written under it – it is of three boys t the beach
      please feel free to contactt me directly on my email moc.t1590770134tawna1590770134j@naj1590770134 if you would like me to forward you this and any other photos of congire and the children
      kind regards

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