Conigre House orphanage

Conigre House

Linking back to the 1950s in Bradford on Avon – here’s a photo of Conigre House when it was an orphanage.

My parents John and Gwen McDonough ran this orphanage.

Looking for anyone who is interested – I have photos I can share. I live in Australia.

Email me at moc.t1590567917tawna1590567917j@naj1590567917.

(Contributed by: Jan Watt)


    • I wrote to you telling you about myself and my mum living in Conigre House in the early years of the war, I thought I may have heard back from you, blessings Katie

      • Hi Jan, my twin brother Peter and I were in Conigre House from approx 1950/55 and we have never forgotten your Mum and Dad, uncle Mac and Auntie Gwen. Your Mum was a lovely lady very gentle with us all; I got the feeling she had been a NURSE. Your Dad was the strict one. I can well remember waiting outside uncle Mac’s office door to receive the cane on a number of occasions, but we also have so many more wonderful memories. All us boys would just love uncle Mac setting up and refereeing a game of football. Another treat for me was going to Archery competitions with uncle Mac and stopping for a cream tea on the way home. The most special memory for all us many children just has to be Christmas Day, from waking up to all the presents and trimmings everywhere, Christmas dinner followed by all the games. However did your Mum and Dad arrange it all? Oh, I also remember an uncle LES visiting; he was great fun. Well I better get this off to you Jan. Hope you and your family are all well and happy. I would just love to see any of the photos you have from the home. Love/best wishes from Dave Pearce, Southbridge Lodge, Potterne Road, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 5DA ENGLAND. 4/3/2013

    • Hi Dave – lovely to get your email, I have emailed you pictures, etc. I am also in touch with another lady who grew up at Conigre House, and I have been able to share some precious photos with her. Hopefully others will see this and contact me for pics.

    • Hi JAN, thank you so very much for all the wonderful photos, pics I thought I’d lost forever and would never get to see. They bring back to life so many memories You can be very proud of your mum and dad for all the love and care they gave to us children in Conigre House…many children had lost family in the 2nd world war and were in great need and they stepped forward. Almost sixty years later and you step forward. Sorry you have lost your Mum and Dad now, Jan, you are a very special family. I hope others who spent some time in the home or know of someone who did will contact you. My granddaughter, looking at a photo of me, said “that looks just like Louis.” LOUIS is my grandson, about the same age now as I was then. That is just what it’s all about and I’ll tell you my story direct, Jan. Thanks again, love and best wishes… Dave

    • Dear Jan

      I work in sheltered housing, housing for older people, and I produced a document to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

      I spoke with residents who I hoped would remember times from the war and the day and recorded this to put in the document.

      One of the residents, Malcolm, told me he was evacuated to Conigre House; I searched for information on this on the internet and found your article.

      I see your parents ran an orphanage at the house after the war. I have printed some photos from for Malcolm, he was really thrilled with these as it was the first time he had seen any; he stayed there from the age of four until he was eight so this was a massive part of his child hood.

      I read that you have photos so if you could email them to me please I will print them for Malcolm, he will really value these. If you could provide any more details about the house I know he would really appreciate this also. Additionally, I find history really interesting, especially the period from the end of the WWI to WWII and the following years.

      Kind regards

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