Climate Emergency Bunting Project for South West In Bloom

For the past 2 years, we have entered our beautiful town into the South West in Bloom competition, and have been so impressed by the wonderful work put in by hard working volunteers across Bradford on Avon.

We will continue supporting and helping to develop the work this year, and with the threat to the natural environment now at the forefront of our minds having declared a Climate Emergency in March 2019, we are combining the two projects to help raise awareness and encourage environmentally conscious planting and schemes.

However, realising that gardening is not everyone’s bag, and the potential to create an even more colourful impact, we are launching a Climate EmergencyAwareness bunting project, and hope as many organisations and individuals as possible will get involved.


Depending on how many people take up the project, we may decorate a small area or potentially even a large or several areas, for residents, children, visitors and of course SWinBloom judges to enjoy, at the same time as being reminded of our town’s resolve to be carbon neutral as soon as possible.

 If you would like to get involved, the following criteria apply:

  • Produce bunting in lengths of 5 metres and upwards, with flags spaced 50cm apart
  • Bunting does not have to be triangular… we encourage you to use your imagination!
  • That said, if you would like a triangular template DOWNLOAD IT HERE
  • The Town Council will provide bunting tape – available at the Town Council Offices
  • Please do not buy new fabric to make your flags; re-using old fabrics is much better for the environment. If you don’t have any, we have great charity shops in the town or simply ask friends or family if they are throwing any material away.*
  • Your bunting should highlight the Climate Emergency in some way – for example: species protection, deforestation, encouraging insects, carbon footprint awareness, love of nature, etc.
  • Completed bunting should be dropped off at our office by Friday 21st June.
  • All submissions** will be photographed an added to an online gallery hi-lighting Climate Issues

*Bunting will be displayed outside so materials used should be somewhat weather resistant (non dissolvable markers/paint/paper/glue)

**Please note that we will be unable to display any bunting with political slogans, statements or demands.

This is a fabulous opportunity to brighten up our town, re-use materials and spread the word about climate change, so please do get involved and contact SWinBloom project co-ordinator Cllr Emma Franklin HERE  or the Town Council office if you would like any more information.

BoA Town Council


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