Charity launches new skincare and wellbeing brand

PROCEEDS from a new lifestyle brand of skincare and wellbeing products will help to support the Dorothy House Hospice Care charity in Winsley.

The hospice has just launched Ubiety, its first collection of luxurious, natural and ethical skincare and wellbeing products online at

The Ubiety brand has grown out of the hospice’s passion for holistic wellbeing and its desire to create a new source of funding from its trading arm, Dorothy House Trading Ltd.

As the charity expects to care for more than double the number of patients by 2025, Ubiety is one of the only luxury product ranges on the market where all profits go directly to the cause it supports, end of life care.

Development and production of the Ubiety product range has brought together a local, community-focused endeavour with philanthropic support from its founders.

They include Arcania Apothecary Ltd, a cosmetic and perfume manufacturer based in Wells, Somerset, who gifted their expertise and resources to develop the range.

Bath-based home fragrance manufacturer, Limelight Bath Ltd, produced Ubiety’s home fragrance candle with similar therapeutic benefits to the skincare products and Supple Studio in Bath created Ubiety’s luxe design.

Marianne Cantelo, Ubiety co-founder at Dorothy House, said: “With Arcania’s generous offer to develop a range of products for us, there was an opportunity to reflect the Hospice’s emphasis on holistic care and wellbeing in a luxurious new brand that generates income for the charity.”

The brand name Ubiety means being grounded in one place, the opposite of ubiquity.

Its initial collection of six products uses natural ingredients and includes a hand wash, hand lotion, body salve, lip balm, facial mist and scented candle.

The new skincare and wellbeing range is designed to appeal to discerning customers of all ages who are interested in the provenance of products and want to give back to society.

A Dorothy House spokeswoman said: “Ubiety sits apart in the luxury skincare market with its focus on ‘giving back.’ From making people feel better and more grounded by using it and gifting it to friends and family, to funding charitable community care and the founders giving their time and development for free.”

The Ubiety founders have created a fully sustainable product range that uses only vegan and environmentally-friendly ingredients such as the non-beeswax formulated candle and lip balm.

Richard Howard, founder of Arcania Apothecary, said: “It’s easy to create an authentic luxury brand when Dorothy House’s heritage is so genuine. By bringing Ubiety to the market place we are doing something good as there is something worthwhile behind it.”

Cathy Biggs, founder of Limelight, said: “We are thrilled to be part of the Ubiety team and so pleased that all the profits raised will go directly to this wonderful local charity which helps so many. The blend of essential oils in the candle we’ve made for Ubiety is divine, gently soothing and relaxing, just like walking in a woodland.”

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