Cat returns home after six years

A BLACK cat which went missing six years ago returned to its home in Bradford on Avon for Halloween.

Clyde escaped days after owners Mel and Rob Sargeant moved to their new home in 2013 but was reunited with his family last week, when he was brought into the local vet.

After his microchip was scanned, Mr and Mrs Sargent, of Bath Road, learned their pet, who disappeared over six years ago, had been found.

Mrs Sargeant said they got Clyde and his sister Bonnie from a rescue centre over 15 years ago.

She said: “It was just a major shock when we got the call from the vets.

“They told me they have Clyde and I was thinking, you what?

“We have moved home since Clyde went missing, but luckily the vet did a clever job and was able to find us and get in contact.

“I was just in shock and I went to get a cat basket and shot down ther.

“I came home with him and my husband said ‘Bonnie is downstairs so who is this?’ I said this is Clyde.

“We are both so pleased to have him home, but we haven’t reunited him with his sister yet as we want him to get settled in first, but we will slowly introduce them again.

“This is a new house for him so I want to let him adapt slowly, he has been through a lot the past week.

“I recognised him straight away when I went to the vets, he has these very distinctive bright eyes which I just knew instantly.”

The couple searched for weeks when Clyde missing from Huntingdon Street and posted appeals on social media.

Mrs Sargeant added: “We searched the streets for him and put pictures up on Facebook but had no luck. It was very upsetting.”

Vets Harris, Hill and Gibbons said the cat had been brought in to them as a stray after spending quite some time sharing the creature comforts at a local care home.

It is thought Clyde had been at Avon Park, Winsley for at least the last four years. He was fed by staff and known as George.

Mrs Sargeant said: “I would thank the staff for taking such good care of Clyde for the last four years, he has been well fed and is very healthy.

“It was almost spooky that he returned home on Halloween, especially him being a traditional black cat, he was the best treat we could ask for.”

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