Boat trip breaks records

 DAD from Bradford on Avon has broken the world record for the fastest ever trip around UK mainland in an open sailing dinghy.

Will Hodshon, 42, and his friend Richard Mitchell, 44, from Scotland completed the trip in just 15 days of raising awareness of plastic in the oceans.

The pair set sail from Salcombe, Devon on June 15 completing the 1390 mile journey in a refurbished 60 year old, 16ft long open sailing dinghy and family heirloom named the Nipegegi.

They have braved gale-force winds, dodged huge container ships and suffered vivid hallucinations prompted by sleep deprivation.

Over the coming days they will apply to Guinness World Records to go into the history books as the first to complete the feat.

Mr Hodshon said: “I can’t believe we’ve actually done it.

“Not only in such good time but to also complete the non-stop and unassisted aspect which at times seemed unachievable. It was a special moment in Nipegegi’s history as the boat my grandad used to own.”

The Nipegegi Round Britain team also have a Just Giving page which is 57 per cent of the way to meeting its £10,000 goal.

The trip was carried out to support ocean-based charities, such as the RNLI and Surfers Against Sewage.

Mr Hodshon is a marine geoscientist with Lloyds Register and Mr Mitchell used to work as a marine biologist and is very keen on conserving the nation’s oceans.

He said: “The beauty of the British wildlife around our coast has always astounded me but what really struck me was what wasn’t there.

“Our grandfathers would have seen maybe 100 whales and we saw about ten,how many will our children get to see?

“With this in mind we truly need to look after what we’ve got and try and restore our nation’s riches.”

To find out how you can help to support this cause, go to:

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