Ask BoA: What is this?

Browsing Bradford on Avon via Bing Maps, I noticed what looks like a solar energy installation off the Holt Road. Does anyone know anything more about it? Is it permanent? Does it supply electricity to local homes? Who owns and operates it? (Asked by: Bob...

Ask BOA: Prepaid mobile phones?

Are there any phone stores that sell “Prepaid mobile phones”  in Bradford on Avon? We are visiting the third week in May. (Contributed by: Karen Hoeksema)

AskBOA: Activities and interests for ’older’ people

My parents are moving to the area in may and are looking to get involved in activities locally, which as you appreciate is always tricky, they have always played bowls but are now in their 70’s and a bit reluctant, I wonder if you might be able to advis...

Ask BoA: Interested in going to/helping to start a netball/basketball team?

Hi, I’ve just moved to Bradford on Avon, I’d be interested in going to/helping to start a netball/basketball team. Please leave a comment if you’re interested. (Contributed by: Isabel)

Ask BoA: Jackdaws massing between Trowbridge Road?

I was wondering if anyone else in bradford was aware, and could shed some light on the extraordinary amount of jackdaw birds that seem to be massing between trowbridge rd, and the golf course every morning??? I would very much appreciate any info on the s...

Ask BoA: Where can I play netball?

Hello, I have recently moved to BOA and am wanting to know what local sporting teams there are that I may be able to join ? In particular netball. Not sure where to find this information so am starting here but if anyone could point me in the right direct...

Ask BoA: Searchlights in the sky?

Can anyone enlighten me as to what the searchlight is that hovers over Bradford every night around 2200-2330hrs? It seems to be coming from the Trowbridge Rd area? (Asked by: Stephanie Ridout)

Keep Bradford Green campaign springs back to life

A planning application to build new houses on the town golf course was officially turned down just a couple of weeks ago, but now the developers have put in a fresh application. The new application is for 195 new properties (97 for private sale, 98 social...

AskBoA: What is a Willat?

Julia Warin writes: “People keep asking me this question. I know what I think, but what do you think? Answers on the blog please.” You heard her. What do you think a Willat is? Post your answers here.