AskBoA: Lost Black Cat

Our cat Murphy hasn’t been seen since 6th September, we live on Southville Road and he usually doesnt travel far from home, we’re all really worried he may be stuck in someones shed or garage. He is an older cat, jet black with no collar but h...

AskBoA: Lost baby’s blanket?

Hi all, apologies for posting here as this isn’t exactly town news but my 4 month year old’s blanket has gone missing somewhere in the town. It has huge sentimental value to us because it has been knitted in five different colours, red, yellow...

AskBoA: Fibre Optic Broadband for Town Centre?

The bottom part of the town centre and Kingston Mill don’t seem to have fibre optic broadband.  Does anyone know if the new green box that has gone up next to the gold letterbox  is for fibre optic for Kingston Mill and the town centre? Thanks.

AskBoA: Collection Box Coordinator?

You’ll be amazed how much money is donated through collection boxes placed locally. As a Collection Box Coordinator you will be responsible for distributing as many boxes as possible to both existing and newly sourced locations in Bradford on Avon. Whet...

AskBoA: Two sudden deaths in Church Street?

Has anyone an explanation for the sudden almost complete absence of bothersome seagulls in the town centre?  Within the past three days a headless pidgeon fell from the sky into Abbey House car park and another in the Saxon Chapel garden, thoroughly pluc...

AskBoA: Police appeal after lorry blocks junction?

POLICE are appealing for witnesses following an incident in Bradford on Avon at the start of July. The New Road/Sladesbrook junction was blocked for some time after a lorry apparantly turned off New Road in to Sladesbrook and struck a bollard and then a p...

AskBoA: Internet connections in Woolley?

I’ve recently moved to a cottage at the top of Woolley and the internet connection is appalling – sometimes it takes minutes to load a page and streaming is impossible. I’m using a BT hotspot at the mo, but neighbours and the folk at The...

AskBoA: Looking for a property to rent in BoA or surrounding area?

My partner and I are looking for a property to rent in Bradford on Avon or the surrounding area ASAP. We are relocating to the area as I have accepted a job at St Laurence school (to start in September); I also grew up in the area so know it very well. We...

AskBoA: Iron Duke?

 Were you involved with the Iron Duke while it was in  operation at the Kingston Mills rubber factory? If so, your advice on how it worked could be very valuable to the restorers who will soon be working on the machine in preparation for bringing it bac...

AskBoA: Culver Close Toilet

If you think you could help with the management of Culver Close toilet please can you call Bradford on Avon Town Council on 01225 864240

AskBoA: Appeal after windscreen of police car smashed in Bradford on Avon?

Bradford on Avon police had their response car damaged on Friday evening after youths smashed the windscreen. PC Pelling and PCSO MacLachlan from the neighbourhood police team located a large group of youths in Barton Farm on Friday evening – the ma...

AskBoA: borrow an overhead projector for a Preservation Trust meeting?

I’m trying to find and borrow an overhead projector [OHP] for a Preservation Trust meeting on 21st May. Does anyone know where I might find one? OHPs are not much in use nowadays, but perhaps there’s one collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere...

AskBoA: The future of The Hall?

Can anyone shed any light on the rumour that The Hall is going to be converted into apartments?

AskBoA: Looking for good Samaritan details?

I’m hoping somebody can help me find the good Samaritan who attended to my mother in The Shambles on Saturday 18th April. If you have any information please contact Sharon on 07971 707665 or email moc.t1561611783enret1561611783nitb@1561611783regom1561611783s1561611783. Many thanks

AskBoA: Timber windows?

Hello all, I’ve just bought a very dated cottage off Woolley Street and am renovating it before moving in. Can anyone recommend a good company/trader able to provide and fit timber casement windows? Thanks.

AskBoA: Skate facilities?

Skating in Bradford on Avon is tough and as a skateboarder i know the negativity people have about it, but we are in need of a proper skateboarding facility which would be looked after and used daily by us. There are several issues with Poulton such as, t...

AskBoA: Can anyone recommend a cleaner?

Can anyone recommend a cleaner for our home in a Winsley? Two hours per week. Thanks, Matt 07825 040200

AskBoA: Have you or your son lost a PE Kit from St Laurence?

I have a large blue bag containing a St Laurence PE Kit that found it’s way over a garden wall. It has the name OLIVER WALKER on the bag, is it yours? Ring me 01225863149 ask for Stephanie

AskBoA: Is there any progress with getting the Tourist Information Centre back on the agenda?

At the end of November the Wiltshire Times and others announced that the Town Council were getting the businesses and volunteers together on 12th December to see what could be done to revitalise this important body. It has all gone ominously quiet maybe d...

AskBoA: We all agree BoA is in need of a solution to a problem so let’s use the current momentum to tackle it

So the vote for the HCZ was a no go, the town clearly spoke, shame for all those who fought hard, you did a good job, truly big pat on the back for trying, moving forward we all agree BoA is in need of a solution to a problem so let’s use the current mo...

AskBoA: Graffiti in playground?

The new improved playground near Tithe Barn has not been long finished and it’s so sad to see it has already been graffiti’d. So disappointing. Anybody know anything?

AskBoA: Westbury Gardens cafe?

Can anybody bring me – and perhaps others – up to speed with the status and future of the cafe in Westbury Gardens? Some of us understood the cafe to be a necessary evil if the Tourist Information Centre was to survive: I know people asked, e....

AskBoA: Zumba classes?

Can anyone please tell me if the Zumba classes are still taking place at BoA and Winsley?

AskBoA: Is this why it's called the Shambles?

Always wondered why The Shambles was so called. What do you reckon? @boa_community Always wondered why The Shambles was so called. What do you reckon? — Anna Wilson (@acwilsonwriter) January 8, 2015

AskBoA: Have you seen our missing cat?

Our nine-month-old cat Oakley has gone missing from our home in Bradford Road, Winsley. He was last seen on December 9. He is a ginger tabby, very sweet, with a very long tail. If you may have seen him, please call me on 01225 868324.

AskBoA: Lost your watch?

Found, Sunday 14th mans watch in silver. Please leave a comment with your phone number

AskBoA: Do you enjoy sketching?

Do you enjoy sketching and would you like to meet new people? I spotted a Sketching group in Bristol and thought it’d be a great idea to set up the same in Bradford on Avon (and surrounds) – meeting up, sketching, drinking tea, no egos, just i...

AskBoA: Missing Cats Bath Road?

My 2 gorgeous cats have gone missing from home on Bath Road. Both male, around 5 years old. One is black with a blue collar and the other a pale ginger colour with a green collar. If you could check sheds/garages in the area it would be amazing. Please ca...

AskBoA: Found women's blue kagool?

Found on canal tow path 23rd Nov – women’s blue kagool. Would like to return to owner Please email: moc.l1561611783iamg@1561611783drawr1561611783ofeib1561611783bed1561611783

AskBoA: Cooking and craft courses?

I am interested in setting up a business delivering cooking course and art/ craft courses in Bradford on Avon. I need a venue and an idea of whether there would be demand for courses for children and adults. I am an experienced teacher and also a nutritio...

AskBoA: Lost wrist Watch?

Lost in BOA on Thursday ladies Silver Calvin Klein Wrist Watch. If you find can you call: 01225 863149

AskBoA: Does anybody have any photos of Manvers House Cottages?

Please, has anybody got photos of the old cottages previously located in the T.R.E car park / Manvers house, Kingston Road, Bradford-on-Avon ? One was occupied by Mrs. Pratten up to the early 1960’s. Please contact moc.l1561611783iamto1561611783h@98k1561611783comkc1561611783aj1561611783. Thank You.

Boris the adventuring tortoise

Please could the person who rang me re someone finding a tortoise in Westwood get back in touch? I did not hear from the said person who was going to ring. Many thanks Heather 07545 550671.

AskBoA: Stag Boat Parties on the K&A?

Has anyone else in BoA had problems with stag boat parties in and around Bradford on Avon? They come through BoA lock on Friday early eve and head towards Avoncliff. I know many boaters have had problems, i just wondered if anybody else has? (This is in t...

AskBoA: Witness trace for truck running red light at BoA Pelican Crossing at 17:20 on 10/11/14

Looking for the lady who was at the Pelican Crossing about to cross from the War Memorial side towards Three Gables, at approx. 17.20 on Monday the 10th of November when a large Black Mercedes Truck drove through the red light just missing a lady with her...

AskBoA: Missing Cat?

Norris has been missing in the Market Street area since the 6th of November. He is grey with a white neck and feet. He is very inquisitive and may have found his way into a shed or outbuilding, he is also a regular in the Dandy Lion Pub. If you have seen ...

AskBoA: Serjeant Llewellyn Monger?

My Great Grandfather, Llewellyn William Stewart Monger, a Sargeant in the Durham Light Infantry, was killed in WW1 on the Somme. He left a widow and infant child, my father, at home in South Shields. My grandmother re-married and there has never been any ...

AskBoA: Does anybody know a local plumber?

Hi there Does anybody know a plumber / handyman who will help with some small plumbing jobs. Changing taps and adding an isolator to one tap pipe. I’ve tried to call plumbers, but as its a small job, many just don’t reply. My place is rented o...

AskBoA: Station car park Fines – what do you think?

30th September 2014. I was fined £25.00 for parking on a free parking Sunday ‘beyond the Bay markings’ laid out at the station car park Bradford on Avon. 5 other vehicles also had fines placed on their windscreens. As the car park was full except for...

AskBoA: Ground sourced heating system – Do you have one?

Our energy standing order has just gone up again to a huge amount. I’m looking at all options but feel a ground sourced system would be a winner but I do not know anyone that know anyone with one installed. If you have a ground sourced heating syste...

AskBoA: Spanish Tuition Required?

Hi. Can anyone point me in the direction of a Spanish Language Teacher in Bradford on Avon. Two of us would like a few hours a week help with our Learn Spanish Course. Happy to discuss rates & times. Initial reply to this post as first line of contact...

AskBoA: Missing Ginger and White Cat?

Our 6 year old cat Alfie went missing from Bath Road on the 14th September. He is ginger and white with a ginger patch to the left of his nose as you look at him. Have you seen him? Please let us know if you have, Tel: 01225 938998, thank you.

AskBoA: Intermediate French?

Does anybody know of any French Conversation Classes in BOA? I know there was one called “French Cafe” (or similar) a couple of years ago but I can’t find anything current. Please leave a comment below. Thanks

AskBoA: Anybody know the Singing Group?

I attended the Red Cross event at Belcombe Court in May of this year. Please could somebody tell me the name of the group that sang in the potting shed late afternoon – 2 men and one lady that had a wonderful melodic sound. (Please leave a comment b...

AskBoA: Lost boys bike?

Toddlers green balance bike was left behind in the parking lot near the Ed McKeever bridge last weekend. If anyone has found it or knows who I can contact please e-mail me at moc.l1561611783iamg@1561611783yojil1561611783nat1561611783 Perhaps it was given in to one of the businesses nearby but w...

AskBoA: Missing Person

I am trying to find my sister. She moved to the Bradford on Avon area with her adoptive Father and I think her son who is probably an adult now. Her name is Rebecca…unfortunately I don’t know her adoptive surname….originally she was adop...

AskBoA: Grapes of Wrath?

Does anyone share my concern regarding the recent brutal chopping down of the grape vine that once enhanced the (sadly empty) Bunch of Grapes pub in Silver Street? Whilst it was certainly in need of thinning, the degree of butchery is particularly disconc...

AskBoA: Drum circle?

Is there a Drum Circle in the area who would like to provide atmosphere for the BoA Walking Festival’s Mass Walk on Aug 31 at Barton Farm? Other music/entertainment welcome.

AskBoA: Are there any madrigal groups in town?

AskBoA Are there any madrigal groups in town? If so, could someone please let me know. If not, would anyone like to join me in forming a small informal group to sing madrigals, part-songs, folk-song arrangements etc. ten.k1561611783latkl1561611783at@ys1561611783ec1561611783

AskBoA: Are there any writing groups in town?

Are there any writing groups in town? If so, could someone provide details please. If not, would anyone care to join me in forming a writing group to meet weekly? moc.o1561611783ohay@1561611783amsus1561611783eb1561611783