AskBoA: WTF Tae Kwon Do in BoA area?

Does anyone know if there is a WTF TKD club in or local to BoA? If so, do you have any contact details or club name ?

Thanks in advance.


    • Hi, I was looking for a TKD class here a few years ago, and think there is one that is run at st lawrence school but not sure. There is a CKD class that I attend in BOA which I have found to be more practical self-defence than TKD, which it’s based on. There’s no contact sparring with the emphasis on not get injured whilst training, using the bodies movements better. If that sounds of interest I know that Dale who runs it offers a couple of weeks free trial – website here it runs in boa on weds at Christchurch school, and in Trowbridge twice a week I think. Of course, if it has to be TKD then if there isn’t then one in boa that I mentioned, then I think there is a place near innox road in trowbridge. Hope that helps


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