AskBoA: Are there any writing groups in town?

Are there any writing groups in town? If so, could someone provide details please. If not, would anyone care to join me in forming a writing group to meet weekly?


    • Hi besusma, I am quite new to BOA too, and an active scribbler. I haven’t found a writer’s group yet, but in November I will be hoping to write some open ‘write in’ sessions in the town for the National Novel Writing Month. I would be interested to hear more about what you are looking for, and maybe exchange thoughts and ideas.

    • Hi Gill
      Thank you for replying to my plea and the information.
      I would like to start a writing group up to meet on a regular basis for anyone who writes creatively. This would include short stories, poems, life writing or maybe a chapter or two of a novel someone may be writing. Each of us could give feedback and support to one another. Also it may generate information for submitting work in competitions, to publishers etc.
      I am in the middle of an Arts Degree but aspire to be a professional writer concentrating mainly on creative fiction. Now having the time and less responsibilities I have come to this later in life. A writer’s group seemed a natural progression to share with like minded people.
      Another lady has also replied so maybe we could all get together over a coffee and take it from there.
      My phone number is 07521610817 / 01225 860983
      Many thanks

    • There are a few people interested in forming a writing group. If you write for fun or passion or both and would like to be part of a writing group; we are having a ‘get to know each other’ in The Fat Fowl on Thursday (8th) at 2pm. Please come along and join us, you will be most welcome.

    • I am moving to BonA in September and would also be interested. Please keep me posted, thanks.

      • I am also moving to BoA in September and would like to be part of a writing group. Currently finishing a Masters in Creative Writing and keen to keep the writing going when I return to [normal] work! Any further information would be appreciated, although I will only be able to meet during the evenings. Matthew

        • Matthew, if you can make a Tues 2-4 I have a group of regularly writing members meeting in this side of Bath – one a past graduate of the M.A. course. We may move to an evening slot. phone me if interested. Rosalind 07798686568

    • We have a U3A group, adult fiction. Do contact if interested (and of this age!). Meetings twice or more a month.
      Rosalind 07798686568

    • Next writers group meeting is on Weds 13th August at 10am in the Community Café. All welcome.

      • Mo,

        I’ve only just found this. I’ve been trying to find out about a writing group that meets in BOA for a while, and one that meets in the mornings as I work from 2.30pm
        I’ve just completed a BA in History and Creative writing as a mature student and have found I need the motivation of a group to keep going.
        When is the next meeting? and how many people go? And what sort of thing to you do?
        Might be quicker to contact me via email moc.l1596949281iamg@1596949281wordo1596949281ow.l.1596949281enaid1596949281

    • If any of you are of this age group, we have a fiction writing (for adults) group at U3A.
      If interested, 07798686568


    • Thanks Rosalind for informing us of U3A. I see there is a separate page for this group for anyone who is interested.
      Our writing group is meeting next on Friday 29th at the Community Café (upstairs) 10am for anyone who would like to join us. All welcome. For more information email me:

      • Hi Mo,

        It’s really good that there will be a local writing group and I’m sure there will be a keen response. I’ve told a couple of people about it. I hope it’s really successful. If I can, I will come but if not,all the best with it.


    • I have contacted Mo independently to ask to come along to the writing group at the cafe, and am inspired by all of your posts and initiative. I am also excited by the idea of your “write in” sessions Gill for the National Novel Writing Month in November. I run WRITING TIME sessions – creative, expressive and reflective writing for well-being, self-development and fun, as described in September’s The Gudgeon. Details on

      • Having been delayed with my move to BoA (September became January!), I was wondering if there had been any development regarding the writing group. I can only meet in the evenings. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks. Matthew

    • did you have any luck?
      Do you have a writers’ group?
      There used to be a group that met in the library – Very nice folks. I don’t know if there’re still meeting.
      I’d be interested to hear.

      Brian sellars

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