AskBoA: Witness trace for truck running red light at BoA Pelican Crossing at 17:20 on 10/11/14

Looking for the lady who was at the Pelican Crossing about to cross from the War Memorial side towards Three Gables, at approx. 17.20 on Monday the 10th of November when a large Black Mercedes Truck drove through the red light just missing a lady with her two primary school children. If this lady (or anyone else who witnessed this incident) could please make contact to the following email address if they are willing to be a corroborating witness:


    • I saw a ‘large black truck’ [not sure if it was a Mercedes] move on a red light on this crossing a few days ago. “No pedestrians, so I can keep moving”, seemed to be the drivers’ rationale. Not a behaviour to help the HCZ work.

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