AskBoA: Two sudden deaths in Church Street?

Has anyone an explanation for the sudden almost complete absence of bothersome seagulls in the town centre?  Within the past three days a headless pidgeon fell from the sky into Abbey House car park and another in the Saxon Chapel garden, thoroughly plucked but corpse missing.  It suggests a bird of prey but is there another explanation.  No, it is not a cat kill – cats don’t fly.


    • Both peregrine falcons and sparrowhawks are frequent over BOA. Peregrines may come from the Bath population and feast on feral pigeons. Sparrowhawks pluck their prey on the ground – often pigeons and collared doves. Luckily BOA town centre isn’t very attractive to large gulls who seem to prefer large warehouse roofs to breed.

      • Thanks Niall. How do we encourage more sparrowhawks? Seagulls have been prevalent and a menace near the footbridge, possibly attracted by bread used to feed ducks. However, most have now vanished.

    • Hello Neill again. Would you believe it we have now been adopted by a very handsome pigeon. It is wanting to be fed, almost tame and carries two leg rings. We presume it is a “lost” homing pigeon, is there someone we should inform.

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