AskBoA: Traffic and pedestrians?

A couple of years ago, after the Historic Core Zone negative vote, there was a well-attended meeting in St Margaret’s Hall.  Town Councillors told us they were receptive to residents offering their ideas for what might else be considered to address traffic problems and pedestrian concerns.  Along with others, I spent some time and effort constructing a well-considered [well, I thought so, anyway] note about possible solutions.  I received not even an acknowledgement.

Does anyone know what happened in the months after that meeting?


    • Hi there
      the answer at the moment is ‘not a huge amount’.

      As part of the Ideal Bradford campaign, we held a forum on traffic and transport and various ideas came out of that which were worked into our manifesto ( If elected into a majority, we will be holding further public fora on this issue to feed into our Strategic Plan for the town—and working with WIlts Highways to make sure that solutions are practical and deliverable over a sensible time-frame.

      We are not promising a bypass (unlike others, despite knowing that it won’t happen in the foreseeable), or stating that a one way system is the only answer—we are promising that, following fora and discussions with Wilts, we will bring forward a balanced, costed, sensible solution that places pedestrian safety front and centre, while acknowledging that we also need to have people coming into the town centre as a commercial heart. We also believe that encouraging local residents out of their cars would drive well-being, and that improving the traffic situation would improve air quality; there are, as ever, many connected issues.

      However, all of that relies on our being elected on May 4th… so please make sure you use five votes for Ideal.

    • I’d be very happy to receive your suggestions

      • It’s a matter for the Town Council, and Wiltshire. I’ll leave it until after May 4th, I think.

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