AskBoA: Station Recycling Centre?

Does anyone know what is happening about the station glass and waste paper skips ? They seem to have disappeared ( Tuesday 27 May 14).

Is this a reaction to the dumping of a substantial quantity of cardboard and empty tin cans of tomatoes between the skips – presumably by a business fly tipper ?


      • When all waste was able to be collected from homes, it was decided that a central tip was a better option for people to take their larger items and non collectable items to a central place.

    • I noticed this after walking to both Bradford-on-Avon station and Sainsbury’s car park after the council failed to collect most of our recycling for a second week. In response to my complaint they simply sent the document Norman Parker links to above:

      I understand the need to reduce council expenditure but these sites provided recycling for a wider range of materials than is collected from our doorsteps, and provided a site I could walk to when the doorstep collection service fails.

      The idea that we all get in our cars to recycle material at Trowbridge tip seems somewhat counter-intuitive when it comes to saving the planet!?

    • Maybe it’s time for shops like Sainsbury’s to offer their own recycling – after all, isn’t that where most of our waste comes from?

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