AskBoA: Station car park Fines – what do you think?

30th September 2014.

I was fined £25.00 for parking on a free parking Sunday ‘beyond the Bay markings’ laid out at the station car park Bradford on Avon.

5 other vehicles also had fines placed on their windscreens.

As the car park was full except for some spaces along the end of the row of cars leading to the woodland park walkway.

Vehicles opposite had plenty of space to reverse out.

I had gone round the park twice looking for a spot until I saw a car leave at the far end where I parked.

As the lane markings were absent at the far end it is unclear to myself and obviously the other drivers who had similar notices placed, where parking areas are.

Whilst I agree parking in a pretty town draws in excess traffic, this area should be more clearly defined. By painting a white or yellow criss-cross grid in that the area, would make it unmistakable and not be confusing to visitors.
Nor should they be lured into a trap set by the car park and penalised in what obviously brings in a bit of income into the council coffers every week by unwary victims who cannot park anywhere else.

I feel it is not in the best interests in the council to fine visitors who arrive in this most beautiful town only to find they have to pay a fine from a parking spot that could hold extra vehicles with adequate space for other vehicles to manoeuvre.

I asked how many fines where made each week at this very trap and was unanswered. I estimated maybe 10 a day per weekend and five per day each weekday day at £25 and the council can rake in a tidy £1,125 per week in the summer season.

I was also left unanswered how many complaints had gone in as I have no way of knowing, but I bet it left a few disgruntled visitors who would be very wary of a council ‘where everybody matters’.

I can only see this practice continuing until this robbery is stopped, so in a bid of fairness to future visitors I suggest the painting out of these areas at the narrowing of the car park.

As the parking services are hiding behind their own enforcement, it is up to the council to look again at this nasty little car trap and do away with this unfairness.

I paid the parking charge and would be glad to see it spent on a new pot of paint.

Christopher Ion

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    • For future reference visit and follow this breadcrumb trail:-
      England home>Consumer>Cars and other vehicles>Driving and parking>Parking tickets>Parking tickets issued by the council

      Simply click each heading in turn to arrive at the final narrative which provides everything you ever need to know about Parking tickets issued by the council. Within the narrative there are other links which assist further.

      In particular there is reference in the following breadcrumb trail about inadequate painted lines:-
      England home>Consumer>Cars and other vehicles>Driving and parking>Parking tickets>Disputing a council issued parking ticket>Reasons for disputing your Penalty Charge Notice

      And finally, if you believe you have grounds for not paying the charge you can appeal and perhaps you have a responsability to do so if matters need to be corrected and to avoid others being charged in future. See this breadcrumb trail:-
      England home>Consumer>Cars and other vehicles>Driving and parking>Parking tickets>Disputing a council issued parking ticket>How to appeal against a penalty charge notice from the council – first steps

      And of course your local Citizens Advice Bureau is always there for these sort of issues and more besides.

    • If the car park operator is a public body, such as the council, then apply for the information you mention under a Freedom of Information Request – mark your enquiry as such – they are legally bound to provide such statistics unless they have very very good reason not to.

    • There seems to be a high proportion of spaces devoted to the disabled in this car park. I have been there often when most if not all of the disabled spaces are empty and cars have been forced to circle the car park while waiting for a space to become free.

      There are a lot of older residents who may not be disabled but still need the help a car park close to the centre gives. This ratio of disabled to supposedly able bodied is unfair to these local residents and also makes it more difficult for visitors to park.

      It may be that more disabled spaces are needed at certain times of day, perhaps for evening ‘dos’. If this is the case perhaps some spaces could be allocated within certain ‘time zones’.

      What do others think?

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