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Skating in Bradford on Avon is tough and as a skateboarder i know the negativity people have about it, but we are in need of a proper skateboarding facility which would be looked after and used daily by us. There are several issues with Poulton such as, the remote area, the vulnerability of kids when they go there (usually broken glass etc) and the general quality / maintenance of the ramps. If we are ever asked why we don’t skate at Poulton we give the above reasons. We would preferably like a location where there is enough flat smooth space to ride around as well as ramps, Poulton is rather compact and there is not much flat ground. We skate at the station almost daily and no one seems to mind (the majority) but at the end of the day it’s a car park so there is a limit to what we can do and when we can go, however if it were a dedicated space, say the bottom area, then it would be perfect. but it seems almost impossible and we need the adults to understand, it seems to take one person to turn sonething good into something bad, but why so many people to turn something ‘bad’ to something good?

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    • This is a very reasonable, well written and thought out request. I should think the main issue would be – well, there’s a skate park already at Paulton! I guess thats hidden away enough for people to think that skaters are fully catered for. To be honest, I used to live in a big city that didnt even have a basic skate park like that so at least it’s something- but, I see your point about flat open ground and ramps/rails etc. I’ve noticed the amount of rubbish surrounding the current skate ramp and surprised that there isnt even a simple bin there. Would an alternative skate park attract the same kind of litter/danger though? Where else could a skate park be? Every square inch of boa is having houses built on it (or collecting car parking fees!) which is a lot more profitable than providing a skate park unfortunately, There’s also the obvious dangers of cars/skateboards sharing the same area so you are right to request a designated area somewhere.

      Whilst skateboarding can be seen as a bit of a nuisance by some, it has to be preferable to staying in watching TV etc. If your message gets to the right people, things can change and boa is a small enough place to make things happen

    • Money was spent upgrading the Poulton facility only about 18 months ago.

    • What about the space up behind the Fire Station, I understand this may not be used much when the Fire Organisations merge? The teenagers need somewhere more central so any issues can be sorted by adults. Agree rubbish bins needed in Car Park.

    • In response to Rogers comment about money being spent 18 months ago. The councils has spent a huge amount of money by panelling up the sides of the ramp and creating a bike riding course that is not only unfit for purpose but also dangerous.
      This neither created a safer space or a more user friendly space.
      Skateboarding is a grass roots sport with a very long tradition of participation in Bradford on Avon.
      The reason for the station being an unofficial skate spot is the fact that there is space. poulton skatepark was a poorly thought out and badly designed park having Clearly not much input from genuine users but from council workers who have probably never stood on a skateboard or bmx in their lives.
      A town such as Bradford with its large youth population should have a skateboard facility worthy of its status as the best place in the uk to live.
      It seems convenient for people to tut tut skateboarding in the station car park but without providing a permanent quality park what do you expect.
      From a skateboarding bradfordian father

    • A central spot where people from both ends of town can meet & use is needed. Culver Close has tennis, bowls & football so why not a skate park? Lets not forget the younger people in the town. I spoke to a young skateboarder in the station car park a year ago & asked if there was a central skate park would they use it, yes, they would & said they had approached the council & was told there was was ‘lack of funding’ I suggested the younger people who wish for a skate park should get a petition & take it to the council, they deserve to be heard & would probably have ideas of raising money for this project.
      As for rubbish bins, people do use them, there is just not enough & they are not emptied often enough hence the overflow by them, especially noticeable in the Victory field.

    • As a resident at Grist Court in the Kingston Mills development, I fully support the skateboarders’ request for a more suitable skate park. Personally, I am not bothered that they are using the Kingston Mills estate to practise their skills and tricks. Indeed I am pleased that youngsters want to get out in the fresh air and be active, but Kingston Road is a road, albeit fairly quiet, and it is the only access road into the estate. Further it is a private road and the public uses it at their own risk; I am not sure whether there is insurance in place to deal with an incident. The fact that the skateboarders come here points to the fact that more suitable facilities are needed.

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