AskBoA: Is there any progress with getting the Tourist Information Centre back on the agenda?

At the end of November the Wiltshire Times and others announced that the Town Council were getting the businesses and volunteers together on 12th December to see what could be done to revitalise this important body. It has all gone ominously quiet maybe due to the HCZ debate. In my view one of the arguments for the HCZ was to help the business footfall and this can be achieved by a vibrant TIC. Up to its closure the TIC achieved a footfall of 40,000 per annum, no mean achievement for a small office.

I understand that a group of volunteers is manning the fort on a makeshift basis to give advice and handouts but as we are coming into the holiday season surely some sort of permanency is required!


    • You will be delighted to hear that Secret Gardens is alive and well and will be held on the last Sundays of May, June and July. This very successful event will, for 2015, be supporting the Museum Society and the Iron Duke Project. If anyone knows of a garden owner wishing to participate please let Annette Seekings know by placing a note through the letterbox of 15 Church Street or by email to moc.l1597454969iamg@1597454969sgnik1597454969ees.e1597454969ttenn1597454969a1597454969 Please do not telephone.

    • Behind the scenes it is a whirr of activity regarding a town information point.

      • Good news, Jackie, as we out of town b&bs need somewhere to send our guests to find current information. Is the Information Point staying at Westbury Gardens? Many of our guests tend to go to Secret Gardens so that is good news, no doubt the new Information Point will have the details and tickets.

    • Some volunteers are working from the Pavilion Cafe (thanks to Andrew, the cafe owner.) giving information to local and non locals
      It is organised by Sybil Munford.
      The Town Council are working hard to set up a new and hopefully permanent Information centre.

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