AskBoA: Parking Nightmare ?

Why is parking is Bradford on Avon becoming worse. The town really needs to address this problem as again today driving around to find a space to open our business and customers not stopping to shop as they cannot park is becoming a major concern.

We also are informed that YELLOW LINES are to be painted in areas of Bradford reducing the parking even more. As usual the Town Council do not seem to care about the commercial side of the town and tackle this problem with more houses coming and parking removed surely this is a town issue.


    • Have you tried the car park near Sainsbury’s adjacent to the lock. It’s cheap and always mostly empty and massively underused. Most people don’t even know it’s there.

    • The perfect place for a new car park would have been on land just off of the new roundabout Springfield/ Holt Rd within walking distance of the town.
      Bradford is losing tourists & trade due to lack of parking, people just drive away as there is no place to park. Also there are no spaces for camper vans in the towns car parks for visitors.

    • Part of the reason we have a shortage of car parking in the town is because the station car park now seems full of commuter cars that turn up early and stay all day. Getting a place if you have a doctor’s appointment sometimes is almost impossible! The town needs another car park urgently but I guess no one in power will do anything about it and the town will suffer.

    • Furthermore a private firm has begun handing out fines for cars that stay longer than five minutes in the bays directly outside of the co-op and post office in the town centre.

      It’s absolute extortion. They will watch you and slap a ticket on the second you exceed five mins. Obviously when there is a queue this is very likely.

      I’m sure this is going to massively affect the trade to the co-op.

    • I totally agree. There was no one parked outside the shop on either side of the road this morning (Wednesday). This is a firm instructed by Pentland Management, the Managers of the Kingston Mills site. I live on the site and many of us here have had brushes with this company. They are ruthless. It has certainly cleared the site as regards illegal parking but has also made it very difficult for shoppers, for tradesmen and for us living here. Pentland say they cannot lot get involved with the decisions made by the Parking Company, but I think this is all wrong.
      The parking signs put up are all different times, so it is also very confusing. Something needs to be done.

    • My elderly mother has just received a fine for parking outside the Co-op for 8 minutes whilst paying in 2 cheques to the Post Office Counter there. She’s now got to find £60 she’s very distressed about this. I say we contact the local press about this. I’m fuming!!

    • Re the COOP it clearly states no parking and deliveries only so anyone that parks there cleary knows they might get a ticket, if they find it difficult to walk from the car park elsewhere then they should probably use Sainsburys. The problem is someone might park there and stay all day, people abuse whatever they are given it seems these days.

      • That’s all well and good, but it’s the post office that elderly people tend to use there. As far as I’m aware, Sainsbury’s doesn’t have one. There are the PO counters at the petrol station on Trowbridge Rd and Winsley Co-op, but neither can provide full services and people are re-directed to the Co-op PO in town for certain things, inc large parcels etc

    • There are not enough spaces. We are in dire need of a good sized carpark close to town.

    • I’ve always parked outside the co-op to nip in for things and was completely unaware that the bay didn’t belong to the shop, until I received a pcn, and I was in the shop little more than 5 minutes!
      I have disabled badge and pulled up outside the shop door completely oblivious to this whole issue. There is a sign there, which the shopkeeper pointed out when I quizzed her as to what was going on… she said it’d been going in since October, that the land belonged to a property company and that the guy issuing the ticket appeared and disappeared with incredible speed!
      I appealed the pcn, stated that I had already driven past the sign to get to the door & that had I been aware would have happily displayed my badges if which I attached a copy to the appeal… yes, they rejected it.. so I’m now going to the independent appeals & if that fails and they take me to court I’ll happily represent myself. I do think they ought to mark the bays with private parking as most people don’t realise it doesn’t belong to the shop, so why would you look for the sign!! Its just opportunist behaviour and virtual entrapment of the property company!!!

      • Also, does anybody know the legalities of these private company pcn’s?
        I’ve heard it said that they can only get their money if they eventually choose to take you to court and win the case, and that they cannot invoke a ccj, but I don’t know for sure so any sound advice would be helpful.
        Thank you.

    • Also, does anybody know the legalities of these private company pcn’s?
      I’ve heard it said that they can only get their money if they eventually choose to take you to court and win the case, and that they cannot invoke a ccj, but I don’t know for sure so any sound advice would be helpful.
      Thank you.

    • Also in dispute with same parking company. Ticketed my wife for six minutes (I think) in that bay. Attendant was basically waiting round the corner to pounce. As far as I’m aware it used to be acceptable to park there – anyone know when the restrictions were changed? I’ve checked the IPC guidelines and as far as I’m concerned that sign (which is about seven foot up on a pole and in a pretty small font) is woefully inadequate. Plus they are supposed not to use ‘predatory’ tactics and are obliged to place additional signing on site when restrictions have changed. I received the PCN in Jan 17. Also note the ‘Independent Appeals Service’ is known to be a sham as it’s run by the IPC which is a trading name of ‘United Trade And Industry Ltd’ which is owned by the same Directors that run Gladstone’s Solicitors, the ‘roboclaim’ firm that all the private parking companies use to enforce their often ridiculous and unlawful charges! Hardly ‘independent’!

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