AskBoA: Not So Beautiful Bradford?

Growing amount of mismatched advertisements for local shops, has turned into a messy and scruffy advert facing tourists as they cross the bridge. Wiltshire Council need to deal with this and organise something appropriate. Some are out of date and chained to the railing, even after the businesses have left the town. No permission is given for this mess in such a prominent place.

What do others think?


    • This is an eyesore. I’m glad ita been raised. This area, the bins at the entrance to Lambs yard and the fencing opposite station plaice all need attention.

      • Involve the BOA council, ask them to raise it as action needed at WC. They need to address this. More that do it will make a change….people power is very effective.

      • Got a business digger??? Pay rates and rent? Actually shop in Bradford? Business need support or Bradford wil have no business. How do you expect business to promote itself and where do you think our rubbish goes?????

    • I agree with this.
      I have noticed many flyers stuck onto lamposts entering the town aswell. they go up with such vigor freely flypost events.
      Very few take them down.
      Idea: If anyone books St Margrets hall, can they be at least advised that if they want to promote the event they use channels like this website, the TIC website, or pay for advertising in approved locations.

    • Just today I saw an official from the TC affixing a small poster for an upcoming St Mags hall event to a lampost by the school. Im aware this is common practise but think there must be a better way to promote events.

      • I’m pretty sure the TC remove all their posters with great speed, usually the next day, the culprits are usually random events, may I suggest ‘gorilla’ removers take down any they see, after the event.!

    • I counted 15 this morning two new ones added last week….

    • How about we all ask the shop owners/businesses to organise something better, … The other monstrous site is the entry to Holy Trinity- look at the gate… Go and look at #notsobeautifulboa

    • I totally agree that all these signs look tacky and do not attract customers.

      Posters and banners advertising events need different consideration to semi-permanent A frames advertising local cafes and shops.

      Event posters: could our excellent town wardens be instructed to remove any out of date posters they see?

      A frames: announce a date on this website, collect them together and leave them in a heap in Westbury Gardens for the owners to collect. Any not collected should be sent for recycling.

      The Lamb Yard estate agent boards on New Mills should be removed – presumably this will need either a cherry picker or scaffolding.

    • I think everyone on here moaning clearly doesn’t understand how hard it is for business to thrive in Bradford on Avon with huge rent and rates!!!!! The council could help with a sign on the bridge showing all of the business across the bridge and better signage also how about some parking!. Seriously people on here moaning don’t have a clue how hard business people in Bradford work for a small wage.

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