AskBoA: Lost Cat from Tyning Road, Winsley?

Our cat is missing from Tyning Road, Winsley. We last saw him on Sat 19th July.
He’s jet black all over, 9 years old and fairly slender.

We really miss him and are worried he’s trapped or lost. Perhaps he got scared by the thunderstorms that night and ran off somewhere.

He has a distinctive bony lump on one shoulder (from a previous accident), which you can easily feel through his skin.

If you see him, please call Mark on 07780 608 498 or Bex on 07850 717991 and if you could check your garden shed / garage, we’d be very grateful.



    • Hi Mark, I’ve seen a black cat a fair bit recently in my garden but not sure if its one of my neighbours? Might be worth asking people on Coppice Hill?

    • We had a black cat in our garden this evening, it stopped for a long drink and we wondered if it was lost – no collar I don’t think but looked far too healthy for a stray. We are in the Sladesbrook area. Will keep a close eye out – wish I’d seen this earlier. Will call if we see it again.

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