AskBoA: Listed sash window renovation?

Can anyone recommend a sash window renovation specialist in BOA with good knowledge of the nuances of the grade 2 listing?
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Submitted by: Diana Swannell


    • Two suggestions:

      1. Stuart Foley who has his workshop in Bradford on Avon and recently gave a talk to the Preservation Trust on restoring sash windows. His email address: ku.oc1590602788.oibr1590602788u@fut1590602788s1590602788 He would be very good on the grade 2 listings angle.

      2. The Sash Window Draught Proofing Company who are based near Bristol but do quite a bit of work in Bradford on Avon and recently had a stand at the Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon Eco Trade Fair. Contact details: Rick Hill 01225 650093

    • For future reference, AJ Bonner is a Bradfordian who specialises in sash window restoration, draught-proofing, replacement double-glazed sash windows and internal/external decorating.

      After some years in Bristol, he moved back to BOA in December 2013 and is on a retainer for The Hall Estate. You may see his silver van around BOA.

      AJ can be contacted on 07891 723 248 or 01225 864 489. Highly recommended.

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