AskBoA: Grapes of Wrath?

Does anyone share my concern regarding the recent brutal chopping down of the grape vine that once enhanced the (sadly empty) Bunch of Grapes pub in Silver Street?

Whilst it was certainly in need of thinning, the degree of butchery is particularly disconcerting and, though a novice in these things, I now wonder if the stem is damaged beyond recovery.

The pub (a Listed Building) has been known as the ‘The Bunch of Grapes’ since the 1840’s – and has undoubtedly, in its ‘cherished’ days, helped enhance the character and appearance of this locale (a Conservation zone) … but perhaps, sadly, that visual/historic legacy is now lost.

I know we all have busy lives and other thing to worry about – but surely these ‘community assets’ shouldn’t be randomly and wantonly put at risk.

Is there anyone out there who can reassure the community that the grape vine – despite its inelegant eradication – may once again flourish?


    • Hi Edward. I noticed it was cut down also, however after having a grape vine for many years & at one time had to severely cut down. I think you may be surprised how quick it re-shoots. Unless they’ve used a root killer. Assuming the root structure is in-tact, my guess is it will soon grow, climb & flourish.

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