AskBoA: The future of The Hall?

Can anyone shed any light on the rumour that The Hall is going to be converted into apartments?


    • Which hall?

      • The Hall on Holt Road where Alex Moulton lived.

    • Extremely unlikely

    • This is my direct ancestors Manor that they built.(John Hall I I Elizabeth Brune)They left England to come to the colonies in the 1630s. Settled in Massachusetts Bay colony. Descended through my maternal Grandmother Sarah Darcus Hall. Can a person tour the Manor? What else can you tell me about the History of The Hall?

    • There is an excellent book on the history of the Hall, available at the Museum for £4.

    • Steve Lott. The house is not currently open to the public although it is likely that it will be in some form or another in future.
      The house has been in the Moulton (my grandmother’s family) since 1846 when it was purchased by Stephen Moulton. Loads of history is available online and the excellent book mentioned above along with others.

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