AskBoA: Flour markings randomly in town?

Any idea what group or organisation is spraying signs on pavements around the hillside area of the town. Looks like a trail or quiz. Its usina white flour mixture along footpaths and across roads.

Anyone have any idea?


    • It’s called a Hash. Hash House Harriers. Groups of runners following a trail. Fastest get to a junction marker first and have to find the new correct route. They follow a potential new trail and if find 3 blobs of flour they are on the right route. But they maybe on a false trail and have to return to the ‘junction’ marker allowing the slower runners to catch up and now lead along the trail until they find the next ‘junction’ marker! And the flour then blows away or gets washed away with the rain … Clear as mud?!

    • I was wondering that too… I have two dogs and they go crazy trying to lick the flour at every lamp post. I didnt know if it was poison, ant powder, or whatever, so have been a bit worried about it!

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