AskBoA: Fibre Optic Broadband for Town Centre?

The bottom part of the town centre and Kingston Mill don’t seem to have fibre optic broadband.  Does anyone know if the new green box that has gone up next to the gold letterbox  is for fibre optic for Kingston Mill and the town centre?



    • Hi. This is an interesting one! Some time ago, I was informed by a BT engineer that the green box was to service the centre of the town but that only those connected to the old green box would get the service. I live on Market Street and he said that our house would be connected direct to the exchange and it would be a case of “No way” for at least eighteen months. However, last Friday (29/8) I got a postcard through the letterbox saying that I could get the service. I called BT and am told I will be connected on 11 September at 80 Mbps. I suggest you give them a call and see if you can connect.
      Best, David

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