AskBoA: Dog mess on our streets is getting out of hand!

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Has anyone else noticed that the amount of dogs fouling the Trowbridge Road going into town has increased hugely over the last few months? Its getting beyond a joke- my two young children have both fallen foul (no pun intended) to the increasing number of piles dotted along the pavement. There are no poop scoop bins along the road (although that may not make a difference). I just wondered what can be done about it. As a vet I know the dangers dog faeces can pose to the young in particular, not to mention the nuisance factor of cleaning it off your shoes and the general impression it gives of our town. I’ve not yet caught the culprit in the act, but if i do they will get a piece of my mind! We need to crack down on this somewhow! Any ideas?



    • Yes, I do the same route and I’ve noticed an increase generally – along trowbridge road and st margarets street and up at the top of st margarets steps. I assume its people taking their dog out early when its still dark and they know nobody will notice. I’m not making excuses of course, because its a disgusting anti social thing to do, but it might improve as the days get longer. I did notice someone had drawn chalk circles round some examples, demanding the owners clear it up!

      Like you say, dog mess is harmful to youngsters especially and its now tricky to walk along the road avoiding it all. I tend to avoid The Strips as well because of the amount of dog mess there. Whilst most dog owners will clear it up, It just takes one or two nonchalant dog owners who do that route regularly in late evening or early morning I guess.

    • I’ve also noticed it and been disgusted. For a week there seemed to be a fresh poo every morning on the pavement outside my house, so I started circling them in chalk and put up some posters asking politely for dog owners to pick up their poo. I haven’t noticed so many this week, but a friend says it’s worse near her so I expect the offender is just taking another route! A couple of us are planning to put up posters (made by our children) in various places, but I think we need to get the council involved in this too. A proper poop scoop bin with a notice reminding people that they can be fined for this offence would certainly be a start.

      • You beat me to it as I was going to write an article about the same issue! The amount of dog mess on our streets has never been so high. I have started ringing it in chalk, mainly to warn pedestrians , but also in the vain hope that the culprits may think twice about doing it. But this morning there is more outside our house. Our walk to school is now more of a sloalom than s stroll, dodging the mess, particularly if some poor child or person has trodden in it and spread it. We are starting a poster campaign and are working with our local school and nursery to highlight the issue, but any other ideas welcome!

    • Web cam?

    • All very good ideas! I’d be happy to help out. I walk my dogs on the towpath and there’s a poo bin by the old Beehive which is used by lots of dog walkers. Perhaps a number of bins and a few signs up warning of fines etc would be all it takes. Has anyone approached the Town Council about this?

    • Look at BBC website re Essex village that is DNA testing dogs to find culprits.

      Alternatively locals in affected area could make their waste bins available for bagged poo which would leave no excuses. This would be no worse than anyone taking their droppings home and disposing, as we usually do. Personally I feel everyone who sees an offence should challenge the dog owner instead of looking the other way and moaning about it. And can we add dealing with the appalling amount of hedgerow rubbish to these suggestions too , perhaps not the DNA testing tho 😀

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