AskBoA: CCTV Camera directed on the Canal/Lock Bridge

I noticed (10th June) that there is a CCTV camera pointing towards the bridge over the Canal and wondered why it has been placed there and by whom?

I’ve tried to find out using the internet and cannot find anything – does anyone know why this is in place?


    • Highways agency put 2 cameras on the frome road into Boa at the sainsburys roundabout. Guessing some kind of traffic monitoring…

    • There are also cameras all the way up Trowbridge Road along with cables across the road. These are all for traffic monitoring and counting (the cables measure the distance between the axles and thus the type of vehicle) and the cameras provide corroboration (to ensure you aren’t measuring two mopeds as a car for eg). This is unlikely to be the Highways Agency as they deal with motorways and major trunk roads, anyone can organise traffic monitoring if they can afford to pay for it but usually something like this would be organised by a local council considering changes to speeds or layouts, or a developer looking to prove their development won’t cause gridlock!

    • It’s a shame they chose to monitor traffic on the Trowbridge Rd at precisely the same time there were signs up saying the road was closed and there was no access to Trowbridge using that route. Living on Trow Rd I was aware that traffic volume was considerably reduced during the “road closure” Great timing and I would imagine not a true reflection on the traffic through-put!!

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