AskBoA: Car owners wanted to help with PhD research project

I am a PhD design student recently moved to Bradford. To finish my research I need to interview about 20 ordinary car drivers about the way they use various secondary controls in their car (like wipers, stereo, sat nav etc). The interviews take place inside your car and consist of around 40 quick multiple choice questions lasting about 12 minutes per control. There is no driving or skills testing involved, just the opinions of ordinary drivers about how they feel about using their car’s controls. I will travel to meet you in a place of your choice. A bottle of wine may be offered to drivers willing to do two interviews in a row. If you own a car and are interested please email:  ku.ca1590738218.lenu1590738218rb@mm1590738218aR.no1590738218miS1590738218   Many thanks.

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