AskBoA: Best Places For Residents To Park?

I am due to move to BoA town centre in the next couple of weeks, and I am very curious about where I will be able to park!
The property doesn’t come with a space, and the nearest free on-street parking seems to be an 8 to 10 minute walk away!!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated


    • Hi, parking is a real problem. Yor best bet would be to buy a permit for the station.

    • If you live here, prepare to use your legs for most of the time, alternatively, you can ‘rent’ a garage, not necessarily near you though, from Selwood Housing. Most of the old houses in BOA have no parking and you have to make your own arrangements. I have one about 100m from my cottage, most central roads have no parking simply because of the logistics of very narrow streets, and historic houses with no garages. Parking Permits are available for parking around the town, see council web site. It makes life interesting, but worth it? Just buy in small quantities and ….. Walk.

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