Ask BoA: Where can I play netball?


I have recently moved to BOA and am wanting to know what local sporting teams there are that I may be able to join ? In particular netball.

Not sure where to find this information so am starting here but if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

(Asked by: Alicia)

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    • I’d be interested in netball too! If there isnt already a BOA team- do you think we could drum up enough interest to make a team or two?

    • Hi, I am moving to BoA this week and was wondering whether you got any further with the netball idea? I would be interested in joining a team too. Jo

    • Hi

      I am moving to BOA next week, has anyone found a netball team yet. I would be interested in starting one up if there isn’t one already.


    • Hi, I’ve just moved to Bradford on Avon, I’d be interested in going to/helping to start a netball/basketball team.


    • There is a court marked out on the single tennis court above Culver Recreation Field and the TC can help with Netball Posts.
      Hope your group is off the ground Isabel

      Contact me at the B on Avon Town Council ( I used to play a lot of Netball and am happy to help.
      Why not get involved with the Sports Festival In May see
      Isabel Martindale

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