Ask BOA: Interested in cycling

Hi I have just moved to Bradford on Avon and I am a keen cyclist. I’d be interested in joining a local club if there are any about or start a small group of us to go on regular rides.
Comment if interested.
(Contributed by: Ben Abbott)


    • Hi Ben,

      Potentially interested in joining you for some cycling, although I don’t have a road bike so would only be interested in mountain biking. Let me know if that fits with what you had planned.


    • Hi Ben

      there are several of us in BoA who do regular road rides: anything upto and even above 60 miles with a coffee stop. We go out in the week as well as at weekends. Our average speed would be usually no more than 15 mph. There is no BoA CC but there are a number of clubs locally. Chippenham Wheelers is probably the largest. I have recently been riding with Westbury Wheelers who are a very friendly club. Both have web sites which detail their regular rides

    • Hi all,

      I’m new to Winsley and a keen cyclist too. If are people still meeting for rides in the Bradford on Avon area I’d love to hear from you.



      • Jez

        my reply to Ben 12/08/12 info still valid. Plus there are two clubs with websites in Bath :- Bath CC and VC Walcot.

        If you want to know more I’m happy for you to e-mail me.


      • Hi Vernon
        Came across your indications whilst looking to see if there was a road cycling club/group in the BOA vicinity. I see it is dated a couple of years ago so wonder if anything developed ?
        I returned to cycling about 4 years ago,am now 75 and now do about 2000 m a year all solo. I would be interested to know if anything exists?


        • Hi
          Every Sunday morning 9 am the George pub st Woolley home of Woolley wheelers boa cycling club
          Ask for Alex the owner
          Bacon butties after the ride
          All ages all capabilities

    • I’m looking to join a cycling club I’m in the process of training regular doing long distance rides on and off rode fill free to contact me if you get this started please thanks

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