Anger over pile driving

SELWOOD Housing and Wiltshire Council have been reported to the Health & Safety Executive after a Trowbridge resident complained about work taking place next to his home.

Dennis Hart, of British Row, contacted Trowbridge town councillor Edward Kirk to complain about the noise and vibration from piling on the Margaret Stancomb housing development.

He claims Selwood’s contractor E G Carter has disturbed neighbours.

Cllr Kirk said: “I’m absolutely livid with the reaction of the council and Selwood Housing.

“The plans submitted to the town council and the public consultation stated that no piling would take place.

“However, it did take place and not even drilled piling, but driven piling.

“I reported it to planning enforcement, but as the piling had finished they said it was not a planning matter.

“Obviously, I was not happy at their ‘never mind’ attitude and reported the incident to the HSE.

“The site was not suitable for driven piling and if piling was to take place property vibration monitors and structural surveys should have been undertaken.

“I am disgusted with the attitude of the council planning enforcement and Selwood Housing and will be pursuing the matter further directly with the HSE.”

Work started last November to transform the former Margaret Stancomb school site into new homes.

The work will see the main old building turned into three shared ownership homes, along with an additional 18 homes for shared ownership and social rent built in what were the school grounds.

A Selwood Housing spokesman said: “The piling works were planned to minimise disruption as far as possible.

“Before these works started, EG Carter wrote to residents to advise them, including contact details for any questions or concerns. Piling works took place over four days in December.

“We’re aware that one complaint was made directly to EG Carter while the piling works were under way, and that E G Carter offered to complete the works while this person was not at home, to minimise disruption.

This is Wiltshire


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